Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Jotunheimen Pixel Trail

Hi to you all!

It took longer than usual to finish the photo set from the Jotunheimstien hike I did in July. You see, I've bought a new PC. And this PC is so fast that suddenly I find it worth the while to spend twice as long on tweaking every photo than what I did before. In addition to this, the new PC is so fast that it is more tempting to spend my days pretending to be a high-resolution rally car driver risking my virtual life on narrow roads, than it is to entertain the world with my vacation photos.

But finally the photos are here. Or more specifically, here. I'm not so sure that all of them are worth the 3-4 kilometres I on average had to walk to get them, but I supposed they will have to do. In many ways it was a nicer trip than I had expected it to be, and suddenly I'm in better shape than I've been in for a long time. Which is good, of course.

These days I'm working again, and I don't know neither when nor to where my next trip will take me. But I promise you one thing: Wherever I'll be going next, I'll go there by motorized means, and not on foot! #8D)