Saturday, April 9, 2011

Orange you glad I'm leaving?

That's about all I know about Morocco. They haves oranges. Lots of oranges. And sand. Even more sand than oranges. In 1956 they had 8 million citizens. Today there are at least 33 millions of them. Eating orange must be much like taking Viagra.

Now I'm off for three weeks in Morocco, where I will probably gather some new information about the Moroccans and their doings. For now I am content with having found out that the North African revolution quickly passed in Morocco. The king must be a fairly smart guy. After just a handful of self-immolations and some protests in the streets involving tens of thousands of people, he decided to promise them a new constitution. They'll have a referendum about it this summer and at least until then it should be perfectly safe to visit the country.

Especially if you stay away from the southern part of the country. Or, the southern part that Morocco thinks is Morocco, but which most other people considers to be a country on its own, Western Sahara, and presently occupied by Morocco. Only half a million people live there, giving them half a square kilometre of land each to thrive on. My own country, Norway, is really sparsely populated as well, but we only have a fifteenth of that much land each.

Which is good news. I'll be drinking a lot of water as I wander about, and sooner or later I'll need to pee. With all that area, I should be able to find a spot to do so without being disturbed. It doesn't even matter that I probably won't find a bush or tree to go behind. From what I imagine, I'll be seeing a lot of open, sand-filled scenery during the next three weeks. Fortunately that's something I love.

I'd also love to give you more interesting facts about Morocco, but since I've already told you everything I know, I'll have to get back to you later in my blog.

On this trip I'm planning to assassinate my camera. It's already half-dead, and I've decided which machine shall be my next travelmate. It's this beauty, a grandchild of my present camera. But let's keep this piece of information away from my trusty old camera for now, shall we?

What else has happened recently? Hmm... Oh, yes, the photo above, taken by me in Tasmania a couple of years ago, will later this year become the background of a new coin, official tender in Tuvalu! It's part of a series, where this is the previous coin, so I suppose "my" coin will be quite similar. I just hope that the eagle that will go in the foreground won't steal too much of the show. Whether it does or not, this is so cool, and so weird.

Anyway, I'll be going now. I'm already looking forward to going home. #8D)


PS: Remember to water my plants!